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Fill out pick up request form and driver will show up at your location as soon as we receive pick up request. Most of time driver will show up within 10min to 30min.  

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Unlike other cleaners our price is same as in-store walk in price and delivery price. 


Some cleaners charge higher price on cleaning fee plus they charge service fee and delivery fee. 


Since our smart delivery system is linked with uber, postmate & lift, we do not charge higher cleaning fee or service fee.  You only pay cleaning fee and delivery fee. (Plz check our prom page for discount)

Delivery fee may vary depends on how far you away from our cleaner.

Benefit of our delivery system is you can choose your own pick up time and delivery time when you want in our store operating hours. 


We can pick up & deliver anywhere you are. (10 mile radius limit) Just not on the middle of the beach.

Just type in your location address we deliver to you. 

After your order is done.

We will send you txt msg with link to pay your bill including delivery fee.  When you ready to pick up your clean cloth just follow the link, make payment and type in your location address and we will deliver to your location. 

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